Transmission Service – All Parts & Labor – GUARANTEED
Whether your transmission needs replacing or rebuilding, our technicians will get the job done in an efficient and meticulous matter.

At BK Automotives, our team of highly-experienced technicians perform quality transmission services. Your vehicle’s transmission repair should only be handled by the most qualified mechanics who perform the most effective vehicle maintenance and transmission services. If you notice that your vehicle is slow to accelerate, it may be a sign that your transmission is slipping out of gear. Don’t wait until it’s too late; stop by our shop to see our experts as soon as possible.

We are always careful to use the correct transmission fluid for your vehicle, as well as perform the right auto repair services. Our technicians provide the correct diagnosis the first time, saving you time and money. You can trust our team to know that you’re receiving the best transmission service possible.

Our transmission services cover:
Manual transmission
Automatic transmission
Semi automatic transmission