Solving All Engine Problems – BK Automotives
We use the very latest engine tuning equipment to diagnose and fix the most complex cars and modern models.

Problems such as leaky gaskets, cooling system issues, overheating, air and oil filtration issues, fuel system restrictions, dirty injectors, piston scoring, faulty injection timers and hard starting can be solved by bringing your vehicle to the knowledgeable and experienced team at BK Automotives. Our experts at BK Automotives use the latest diagnostic tools to ensure your engine is running as it should. You must keep your engine’s oil and filters changed at regular, scheduled intervals.

Here are some of the engine maintenance services we offer.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injectors atomize the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle (under high pressure). Failure of the fuel injection system can lead up to poor performance and can ultimately destroy your engine. It is important to make sure your vehicle’s fuel injection system is maintained properly, so visit BK Automotives for quick inspection and work.

Ignition, Wires and Cables

Your ignition system is responsible for starting the engine and good performance of your car. Your ignition cables are also an important part of your car’s ignition system. They transfer the spark from the ignition coil to spark plugs that ignite the mixture of fuel and air. Over time, the ignition wires and cables get weak and break down. This can cause your engine to misfire and eventually fail to start.

Spark Plugs

When you don’t change your spark plugs on time, expect major ignition problems. Head over to our BK Automotives to get a replacement and ensure yourself a safe drive.

We repair:
Petrol engines
Diesel engines