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We use the best quality parts to maintain your suspension, brakes, and shock resistors with a full warranty of our work.

Suspension repairs

Vehicle collisions, even minor ones, can often cause more damage than what is visible to the naked eye. During collisions it’s common for a vehicle to sustain damage to its suspension and steering systems. When the suspension is off on your vehicle, you lose the control you usually have while driving – compromising not only your safety, but also that of other drivers on the road.

Our expert technicians can perform your suspension repair and get you back in control in no time. Whether you’ve been in an accident, or if your suspension has just undergone normal wear and tear, don’t risk causing even more damage to your vehicle. If you’re hearing noise when you drive over bumps or experiencing other problems like vehicle bouncing or hard turning, it’s likely that a faltering steering and suspension system are to blame.

Brakes repairs

Quality brake repair service should be every driver’s top priority. We stay on top of your vehicle’s braking system by performing timely inspections and efficient maintenance services to further enhance your brake system performance.

Rather than wait for your brakes to malfunction, we help you stay ahead of any brake repair needs by having our brake repair experts identify any potential problems, and address them before they become dangerous. Not sure when you should have your brakes examined? We can help. Let us prepare your vehicle for the approaching season.

Warning Signs That Brake Repair May Be Needed

  • A high-pitched screeching sound when applying pressure to your brakes – This indicates that your brake pads have worn too low and they need to be replaced. Braking systems are built with this alert so that owners are aware of their need to replace brake pads.
  • Reduced responsiveness or fading of the brake pedal.
  • A grinding or growling when you depress the brake pedal – If you feel this, then it likely means that you have worn down your brake pads almost completely. You should cease driving immediately and bring your vehicle to us.
  • Pulling to one side while decelerating or pressing down on the brake pedal.
  • Vibration or pulsing when decelerating when you depress the brake.
  • Fluid leaking from the brake hoses or the wheel & tire area.

The sooner you bring your vehicle to us, the better chance we’ll have of sparing you replacement part costs. We are equipped to perform any repairs or replacements for your brake system parts, such as brake rotor or calipers.

Our Chassis services cover:
Shock resistors